want to make your site popular?

The first thing you want to achieve it to get some visitors to the site, and you want to concentrate first is to get a lot of visitors to your website.How can you achieve?
there are many ways to bring targeted traffic to your site, but one of the most popular ways is social bookmarking .

Social Bookmarking Sites are the Way to Promote a website, Brand & Event so quickly, Creating Quality Dofollow Backlinks, Drive Huge amount of Traffic to your website.Its a relatively new way to advertise your website, but apparently the people love it, because there are hundreds of different social bookmarking sites that people like tovisit often and participate in the creation and popularity of content on such websites.

What are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are those where people store, organize, search and manage ‘bookmark’ of their web pages, blogs, videos, Audio, articles etc. users share links to web pages that they like, want to share or promote using social bookmarking sites to store these links. Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon are some of the
best and high ranked social bookmarking sites.

How Social Bookmarking Helps in SEO?

High PR Social Bookmarking sites are still very effective to Get high rank in Search Engines.These websites are also beneficial, If your blog or website’s new content Doesn’t index Quickly by search engines.Social bookmarking sites force to Search Engine Crawlers to Crawl Bookmark Content Quickly.

The web pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites is considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines.

And we all know that the quality backlinks helps us to increase blog traffic and Google Page Rank.

How to do Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Doing Social Bookmarking  is not a tough job. Everyone can do it after learning how to do it.

First you have to collect a list of top social bookmarking sites so that you can easily start your work on them. You can use this Social Bookmarking List HIGH PR BOOKMARKING SITE  to start the process.


How are social bookmarks important?

Most of bloggers or SEO experts suggest submitting contents to social bookmarking sites. Because there are various benefits to submit your contents to social bookmarking sites.Social Bookmarking sites are the way of Introduce sites to Others with Relevant interest & Drive Traffic to your site & also got valuable Backlinks.
Below are the some Most Effective Benefits those you can Take by Using Social Bookmarking Sites.

1- Quick indexing – various search engines will index your page within hours from the moment that it has been bookmarked on a bookmarking site.

2- Natural links – after making your website known in the bookmarking community, if its content is interesting, then others might link to your website on their own web
pages – you get backlinks. You can naturally obtain several one-way backlinks in this way.

3-Increased traffic due to accessing of your website from bookmarking networks also contributes to higher ranking is search engines, thus even more chances at traffic growth.

4-The more traffic you get, the more chances you have that incoming visitors become clients of your products and services, eventually.

5-Drive free and targeted traffic to your website or blog.

6-Improves your sites Pagerank and number of links from SB sites.

7-Boost the popularity of the website or  blog

8-By submitting on social bookmarking, your blog post can go viral.

9-It will improve domain authority.

10-It will reduce bounce rate.

11-It will help in blog categorization.

12-Measuring Quality


Most of bloggers or SEO experts suggest submitting contents to social bookmarking sites. Because there are various benefits to submit your contents to social bookmarking sites.

There also some other ways to get high PR backlinks like web 2.0 sites & high pr dofollow web directories. This list will also helps in making quality backlinks to your  websites. Not only high pr social bookmarking sites backlinks help in to rank high in google, but on page of the website also plays an important role.


If you want more Quality Backlinks so you can’t forget importance of Directory Submission

To increase visibility online is the core of every online business marketing strategy. Driving traffic to your website and getting noticed by search engines takes a lot of time and effort.
Directory submission plays an essential role in promoting new ventures as the websites gain global recognition on the internet through this technique. With this useful technique, you not only gain volume traffic but also targeted traffic which help your site to be at the top and get popular in the search engines. Therefore, visitors having interest in your site will visit it through the links in the directory which engage more visitors by pulling their attention.

Benefits of Directory submission

1-Increases backlinks of website
2-Helps in permanent listing in others website
3-Uses Anchor texts for hyperlinks to your website link popularity
4-Niche Directory Website list helps to get relevant backlinks
5-Guarantees in effective search engine indexing

Directory Submission is one of the finest strategies for your website to get popular on the web. It is the fundamental step taken by marketers to improve link popularity of a website. Links’ play a major role in determining your ranking position on the various search engines. Obtaining inbound links or backlinks in quantity and quality can influence your search engine rank immensely. One simple way to obtain backlinks is to submit your link to directories.  This wonderful method helps in gaining quality one-way incoming backlinks which play crucial role in optimization procedure. The quality of the incoming links greatly enhances search engine rankings and internet visibility of your site. In other words, Directory Submission refers to the process of adding your website to a web directory.